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The handloom industry in India has a rich heritage and cultural significance, but in recent years, it has faced challenges due to modernization and competition from mass-produced textiles. Many handlooms lie idle, leaving weavers and artisans in distress. To address this issue, the Save Foundation, a not-for-profit organization based in Bengaluru, India, has launched an innovative program called “Adopt a Loom.” This program aims to revive the handloom industry by allowing individuals and organizations to support weaver families, provide them with consistent work, and promote their handloom products through the e-commerce platform

1. Adopt a Loom Program and Its Objectives:

The Adopt a Loom program by aims to eliminate poverty among weavers and artisans by providing them with sustainable employment opportunities throughout the year. The program offers supporters the chance to adopt looms in different states, including Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Uttarakhand. This initiative ensures that traditional handloom skills are preserved, while weavers receive a stable income.

2. Role of in the Initiative:, the e-commerce startup associated with, plays a crucial role in the Adopt a Loom program. Once the handloom products are crafted by weavers and artisans, purchases these products at a fair price. This not only helps weavers earn a decent income but also promotes the use of sustainable and eco-friendly handloom products among global consumers.

3. Supporting Weavers and Artisans:

By adopting looms and procuring products from weavers, individuals, and organizations can directly contribute to the welfare of weaver families. The regular income generated through this initiative improves their quality of life and empowers them economically. The initiative allows buyers to connect with the weavers’ stories and the cultural heritage behind each handloom product they purchase.

4. Environmental Impact:

Indian handloom stands out as the only textile production system with zero carbon footprint and zero water wastage. By supporting handloom products, buyers can contribute to environmental conservation and sustainable fashion practices.

5. How Differs from Other Charitable Trusts: stands out from other charitable trusts in its approach to reviving the handloom industry. Instead of offering one-time financial aid or support, the Adopt a Loom program provides continuous employment opportunities to weavers, creating a sustainable and long-term impact. Moreover, the association with provides a platform to sell handloom products globally, ensuring market exposure for the weaver community.

6. How Individuals Can Support the Initiative: encourages individuals to actively support the handloom industry in several ways:

– Purchase handloom products and ensure at least 20% of their wardrobe consists of handloom clothes.

– Buy directly from organizations like that work closely with weavers and artisan clusters.

– Contribute to fundraisers and relief work to assist weavers in times of need.

– Educate themselves about handloom weaves and appreciate the artistry of weavers.

– Participate in weaver support campaigns and volunteer to help the community whenever possible.


The Adopt a Loom program by is a transformative initiative that empowers weavers, promotes sustainable fashion, and preserves India’s cultural heritage. By adopting looms and supporting handloom products, individuals can play a crucial role in making a positive difference in the lives of weaver families and reviving the handloom industry. Let us come together and support this noble cause to ensure the preservation of India’s rich handloom tradition for generations to come. Adopt a loom today and be a part of this remarkable journey!

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