Our 30+ Looms from Erode adopted by a California-based handloom boutique for 3 months.

As part of our public charitable trust’s Loom Adoption Program, a California-based handloom boutique has undertaken the initiative to support artisans and weavers in Erode by adopting 30+ looms.

Over a span of three months, this boutique facilitated the creation of 100 handcrafted sarees, providing continuous employment to over 50+ weavers and artisans who took part in this project. We are pleased to present a video showcasing the meticulous process involved in crafting these sarees, which were exclusively done for our discerning client in California, USA.





Boutiques, and

Home Entrepreneurs seeking authentic handcrafted products, ranging from traditional to designer sarees and from traditional dresses to contemporary attire, we offer the opportunity to collaborate with our skilled weavers.

Through our program, you can adopt the looms and weave customized products according to your specifications. Additionally, our in-house fashion designers are available to assist you in the design process, ensuring that your vision is realized with precision and excellence.

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