What we do

The Save Handloom Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation headquartered in Bengaluru, India. The Foundation strives to eliminate poverty among the weavers and artisans by allowing our supporters to adopt their looms and provide work to them round the year. The stock will be procured by our ecommerce startup Handlooom.com by paying a good price to the weavers and artisans. We will sell those handloom products online across the globe.

We also help in educating the children from weavers family hailing from socio-economically challenging backgrounds.

Supporting a weaver family means transforming their life !

You can adopt looms from Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal & Uttarakhand. More states will be added soon.

Our Approach

We are associated with a number of handloom weaving societies across India and also source products from Master Weavers and Self Help Groups exclusively made for us. We are helping the weavers & artisans across India to become micro-entrepreneurs.

Here is how we help the weavers and artisans associated with us to become micro-entrepreneurs?

We do projects with weavers & artisans, where we pre-order their masterpiece products. Generally, these ground-level weavers & artisans don’t have money to use as working capital, hence they mostly work under traders and middlemen.

We invite such experienced and most talented weavers & artisans from across the country and pre-orders are made and we pay 50% of their payment in advance at the time of order placement and the rest 50% before delivery.

The 2nd part of the payment is the remuneration they earned. Getting that remuneration at once may get them some bulk amount so that they can kick-start their own venture. Generally, from middlemen or traders, they get remuneration in installments and that small amount goes out for daily life needs. Our pre-orders helped them to get the amount in one shot so that they can use it as working capital. In this process, we are getting a most beautiful masterpiece handmade products and we are also helping a group of weavers & artisans to arrange working capital for an independent venture. Usually in this project, the direct beneficiary will be a minimum of 10-20 weaver families that mean at least 100+ people will be benefitted. We must know that in handloom the whole family other than kids need to work to achieve a textile. Banks and other financial institutions never monetized them, our one step can monetize them to operate independently and achieve financial independence and they become micro-entrepreneurs.

You have the chance to contribute to the financial independence of some marginalized and neglected weavers & artisans of India by purchasing our products from Handlooom.com which are made by these Weavers & Artisans.

Social Awareness

The lack of awareness surrounding Indian handloom poses a significant challenge, especially with Powerloom Manufacturers exploiting uninformed consumers through counterfeit products. To combat this issue, our Trust, ‘Save Handloom Foundation,’ leads an awareness campaign focused on educating society through different online platforms. Our mission extends to enlightening individuals about the authenticity of crafts, the purity of materials, and the intrinsic value of heritage craftsmanship.

Central to our efforts is the promotion of slow fashion and the cultivation of responsible consumer behavior. Currently, our initiatives are active across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and our dedicated e-commerce platforms like, “handlooom.com.” Looking forward, we aim to broaden our outreach across all major social media platforms to offer comprehensive guidance to handloom consumers. Our forthcoming campaigns will empower individuals with the knowledge to discern between authentic handloom products and their counterfeit and powerloom counterparts.

Furthermore, we advocate for the exclusive use of natural fibers in clothing, highlighting the dangers associated with synthetic fiber-made garments. We firmly oppose products that incorporate synthetic fibers and harsh chemicals, as they not only harm the environment but also pose serious health risks to consumers. By championing Indian handloom as the foremost choice for sustainable textiles, we leverage its rich craft heritage and traditional wisdom to empower consumers while preserving the integrity of handloom craftsmanship and safeguarding the well-being of informed buyers.

Promoting Indian Handloom as the best possible option for sustainable textile with all its craft heritage and traditional knowledge.

We are staying aligned with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG by UN) hence would stick to the following focus area which can make strategic impact to the sector by impacting the life of artisan families.

No Poverty
Zero Hunger
Good health & Well being
Quality Education
Gender Equality
Clean water
Responsible consumption & Production
Climate Action

Indian Handloom is the only textile production system having the ability to run the production process with zero carbon footprint and zero water wastage

How to create awareness

Government school uniforms could be mandatorily cotton (preferably handloom or even khadi). Private schools should also be inspired and encouraged to adopt this as a policy. These initiatives would make an immediate impact on the demand for these fabrics and send a lot of out-of-work weavers back to their looms.

Individuals, Institutions and Corporate Houses can adopt specific clusters or looms in need of financial support by contributing capital to keep it operating and growing. This will help revive a textile, a weaving style and a way of life that faces extinction if the current situation continues.

Businesses like hospitality ( Hotels ) and healthcare ( Hospitals ) that use textile consumables can procure their requirements of bed linens from these clusters or looms as a buyback arrangement. 

“Save handloom” Trust’s main objective is to work towards creating awareness on the above initiatives in our society.

YOU Can also support Indian Handloom Weavers.

Hi you. Yes, you. This is addressed to you, the individual buyer.

  • Buy Handloom products. Make sure 20% of your wardrobe is atleast of Handloom clothes
  • Don’t wrap babies or don’t purchase kids clothing and apparels which are made of synthetic fibres.
  • Buy from organisations like us who work directly with weavers & clusters.
  • Contribute to immediate relief work and fundraisers.
  • Be vocal about handloom and know your weaves.
  • Participate in weaver support campaigns.
  • Appreciate and follow weavers on digital and social platforms.
  • Volunteer for them whenever possible.

We are doing our bit, are you?

If you are interested in adopting looms, Please contact us and we will help you in adopting the looms across India for a short period or for round the year contract as well. 

The finished products will be procured by our e-commerce startup, Handlooom.com, for a fair price from weavers.

Help Us to Support Our Country's Handloom Weavers.

Fund our Initiative to help weavers and artisans to get back to their normal life. 

Over 4.33 million handloom weavers are the backbone of our fashion industry. They are in serious trouble. Though they themselves create beautiful things,they depend completely on others to buy their goods to keep life and tradition going. Most of them earn on a daily basis. 

Even master weavers need to settle payments and pay salaries to those weavers who work on a daily basis with them and who have no other means of livelihood. They’ve always depended on the payments from buyers.

These are difficult times for all of us. It’s also a time to help each other. Although our online selling of handloom products by these talented artisans & weavers are going on slow mode, we have been staying in touch with our weavers through our Charity Foundation “Save Handloom”.

Through our trust ” Save Handloom”, we would like to facilitate a collaboration between you and some of our weavers whereby we send them help using your donation to help tide over this difficult period and normal business is resumed and they are back in business.

Please donate a portion of what you would normally have spent on clothes for helping the weavers family in this challenging time.